The Food Edition: Creme Egg Rocky Road


Happy Easter to you all! I suspect everybody is feeling a little out of sorts today with the clocks going forward, lucky us to be blessed with an extra duvet day tomorrow… hurrah!

I’m taking full advantage of this long weekend, in fact it has come at just the right time, with only two days left at my current job by Friday I’ll be hitting up the big smoke so I’m taking things super easy this Bank Holiday. Daffodil season is upon us and we’ve even been lucky enough to witness some sun. My afternoon will be spent dunkin’ in the tub with some Lush Bunch of Carrots and probably some sort of family film on the box, whilst treating myself to an Easter egg.. or two. If hot cross buns are not your thing (Tesco are doing choc chip ones, they’re heaven) but a serious chocolate induced coma is then you’ve gotta try this no-bake creme egg rocky road. I’m not a bad cook, you’ve seen a few foodie posts on here from me before but I have to admit when it comes to baking I’m jinxed, it always fails so if like me you’re not so savvy with the scales this recipe is made for you!

I first saw this recipe on the Tasty Facebook page – am I the only one that’s completely obsessed with spending hours watching the videos on here? So, if you want to recreate this for tomorrow then check it out here. It’s the quickest recipe I have ever whipped up, the prep time is no longer than about 15 minutes (that’s if you don’t get distracted licking the bowl) you literally melt the chocolate and mix it into the rest of the ingredients to create a yummy marshmallow, choc mess. I have sliced up a few bars which I will take over to my parents later on this afternoon, and what about the rest you ask? Well, I’ll just hold onto those for myself…


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