The Lifestyle Edition: One Year of Blogging 

It sprung to mind last month that I have been on this blogging ‘bandwagon’ for an entire year – wowsers. I have honestly surpassed myself with this! Minus a little break at Christmas, I have been tapping away creating posts and content for the last fivety-two weeks. So, naturally I thought it would be the right time for a little review as well as an honest chat on the whole blogging subject.

I could easily sit here and write a post about types of content, colour schemes, photography etc and tell you what I think makes a good blog but really who am I to judge that and anyway… define good? When I started blogging I wasn’t sure of the avenue that I wanted to take but that’s fully okay, it comes with time and certainly practice – also just a side note I’m still learning too. There is no right or wrong, I just know that blogging is a great platform to showcase creativity in whatever style that may be such as beauty, cooking, sport.. whatever your passion is for. Sadly I have been exposed to some negativity surrounding the types of posts that I create and whilst chatting about my saviour skincare product may not be everyone’s cup of tea, starting up my blog has truly opened up a world of fantastic opportunities for me one of which being an offer of a brand new job within an industry I have tried to get myself into for a while but have always been turned away due to my lack of a degree. I completely appreciate that everyone is entitled to their own opinions as well as having different interests and tastes but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that we should still be kind and supportive to one another. If you want to put your freedom of speech to good use then I believe their are far more pressing subjects to be addressed. Although I’m still classing myself as a newbie in all of this I did want to pass some pointers that I have learnt along the way, these are just my own thoughts and feelings.

01. Don’t care too much what people think. It took a big step for me to actually start my blog and although it had been on my mind for some time nerves always seemed to get the better of me. The whole blogging scene is huge at the moment which leaves a lot of space for self criticism but be brave and take the jump!

02. No Regrets. My earlier posts are a little cringe, like I said it all comes with practise and hey.. you have to start somewhere.

03. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Spelling mistakes will happen, you’re human, just laugh off the oops moments.

04. Do your research. Find the kind of style you want to portray, don’t review something for the sake of it. Sure, it’s so exciting when you’re sent something from a company but set yourself a rule; if you wouldn’t spend your own money on it then politely decline.

05. Socialise. Talk to other bloggers, meet new people, ask loyal friends and family for feedback.

Keep pushing, keep growing, keep supporting and most importantly keep the love!

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