The Style Edition: Closet Confidential Tag 

My wardrobe was in need of some serious attention. Fashion has fallen last on my list of priorities recently but with a new job on the cards for me I could do with some brand new threads. Whilst having a good rummage I gathered some inspiration for a good ol’ tag to share with you on here. So, without further ado, let’s get stuck into the Closet Confidential questions.

01. What is the oldest item you own? I’m a self confessed shopaholic and sadly I don’t hold onto things for long, I’m very fickle (possibly an insecurity thanggg) I had a real phase last year of constantly buying new things and I’m trying to change that. Oldest item I would say is probably my Jamie black skinny jeans from Topshop, you just can’t argue with the quality and they last bloomin’ yonks.

02. What is the newest item? Surprisingly I got some steals at Tesco recently, their F&F clothing range seems pretty on point right now. I picked up a really classic chic long sleeved Bardot style off the shoulder black & white striped top. I wore it to my recent interview tucked into a little denim A Line and obviously it worked a treat.

03. What is the most expensive item? Without a doubt my Karen Millen mules, they were definitely an impulse purchase and at £120 slightly unnecessary one too BUT the minute I saw them I just knew I had to have them. They go so well paired with some summer sun and a glass of Pimms…

04. What was the biggest bargain? A gorgeous faux fur stole from boohoo which clung around my neck all winter. I picked it up in the sales for £7.00 which was an absolute steal compared to some seriously overpriced ones I was seeing in other stores such as Urban Outfitters.

05. What is the most outrageous/colourful item in your closet? Definitely my Motel pinafore, although it’s white it has the loudest floral print going and I always get so many compliments on this, it’s a great one for lunch dates or meetings.

06. Biggest waste of money? This sadly goes to a Topshop sleeveless blazer jacket, at the time I really loved it and I was into rocking the tailored kinda style but the colouring is so not me, it’s a pastel pink which completely washes out my pale complexion. It’s a real shame, it was £80 and unfortunately it’s only been worn once. Ebay is calling!

07. Favourite piece given as a gift? No-one buys me clothes as i’m sooo fussy, family and friends avoid clothing items as gifts, there is a mutual agreement not to bother as I don’t want to go all Rachel from Friends on them! 

08. Where do you shop at the most? Easy peasy – Asos. Their own brand clothing items impress me but I usually search for Monki, Vintage Reclaim or more recently Glamorous.


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