The Favourites Edition: January 16

We did it, we made it through a long ol’ January! We all deserve a cheer cause let’s face it January is a bitch to get through – excuse my French but I needed that release! I’ve definitely worked my little bottom off to keep on the yoga vibe and keep off the spending vibe. I can’t say January is my favourite month financially and it pains me to pop a lock on the purse strings so I apologise in advance as this favourites post ain’t gonna be too flashy!

I didn’t deny myself of a few new treats here and there but I did keep it savvy when it came to spending. Luckily I managed to rack up a few Boots advantage card points whilst doing some Christmas shopping back in December so I picked up a little skin saviour. Along with attempting to get the body into shape as best as I can I have also been tending to my skin, I’m working on keep up some sort of routine (thinking of posting that up soon?). One of the big wake up calls for the year ahead is recognising that I’m not getting any younger, falling into the late 20’s bracket means investing in some good skin care. I have been using No7 Beautiful Skin Purifying Mask for a good month now, the title itself just shouts new year new me! Marketed at those with normal to oily skin this product is right up my street. I have to be careful with masks, I have sensitive skin and a lot of lotions and potions I have tried in the past just leave me aggravated and red faced. I think I have finally found something that genuinely smoothes, soothes and deep cleans plus the warming formula of this mask is a real treat. If you’re a bit put off by the price tag don’t be, worth every penny in my opinion, the results have not just given me a glow but a real boost in confidence – I’ve even upped my selfie game on Instagram!

Lets talk more beauty shall we? What if I told you that I recently purchased a fantastic lip liner in New Look… I thought you would pull that face. I braved the early January sales one weekend in my local store, it was mayhem and I found NOTHING on the rails, I’m so disinterested in clothes right now but that’s a story for another day. I headed for a quiet space in the corner of the shop and came across a make up counter which surprised me. I found some lip liners for an astonishing £1.99, it made sense to grab a couple as for that price I wouldn’t be too concerned if they didn’t impress but they really did. The formula is really creamy, there is no annoying dragging with application and I have to also report completely drying free. The only downfall is that I don’t think you can sharpen them, the packaging is plastic and there is no twist up, to be honest I haven’t actually tried – anyone know? Perhaps I just picked up a faulty one…

Finally, in my hour of shopping needs I found a new scene in the form of charity shops. Before you work up visions of me rummaging through scratchy cardigans… I picked up some books for my slightly empty book case. I love reading, especially in the colder months with a cup of tea in hand – bliss! I thought that I had a good amount of books but when I moved house in December, I neatly placed my ‘collection’ (hardly) on the book space of my coffee table and needless to say I was rather disappointed. It needed filling up pronto and if you haven’t noticed already then books can be rather expensive, well I guess you can’t put a price on how a good read makes you feel but still a couple of purchases can easily add up. Charity shops stock tonnes of books and the ones that I picked up are in great nick. I’m definitely heading back for more!

I feel like this post has been well overdue, we survived the toughest month of the year – pat on the back my loves.

How lovely of you to drop by!

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