The Lifestyle Editon: Yoga with Adriene 


January is in full swing and so are my intentions to kick some butt. I had a slow start to the year, I didn’t return to work until the 11th of January so whilst all my friends were hitting up the healthy juices I was still slobbing out on the sofa eating cheese. I hate to admit it but going back to work was actually a blessing in disguise, it was nice to get back into a routine. So, human contact began again and everyone seemed to be talking about what they wanted to do to improve the new year ahead, I mentioned recently on a previous post that I’m not one for hitting the gym and I have to say there is a whole lot of truth in that statement. As much as the gym scene is not my thing I’ve been wanting to shape up for some time now and with a little research and recommendations i stumbled across the wonderful Adriene. Youtube can take you down some great avenues, from beauty to fitness and I found myself instantly entranced by this lady. 

Adriene is a yoga goddess! I have always been drawn to the idea of a more ‘gentle’ work out, my general aim is to tone up rather than loose weight so I had a light bulb moment when I came across the yoga channel and I really think more of a calming stretch kind of work out (obviously not the technical term associated with yoga) would be suited to me. Adriene immediately felt like my friend, I appreciate this may sound weird but she just has a fantastic way of supporting you through a laptop screen, her soft speaking relaxes and comforts you through her sessions. She has filmed videos for all sorts of moods, whatever you want to get out of a session whether it be stress busting, general weight loss, or a low key bedtime routine you just name it and it will be there. At the moment I’m tackling her 20 day challenge and I’m thoroughly enjoying it, as soon as I get through the door I whack on the laptop. I try to do it first thing because once I’m done I get a sense of achievement and it really helps me to let go of the day and puts me into pure relax zone for the evening.

The best part about all of this? You can work out in the comfort of your own living room, completely make up free and in your holey leggings if you wish to, it’s all totally down to you. No judging eyes at home, scrap the ‘competitive’ gym sycenario, simply go at your own pace. 

I’ll check in with yoy after the 20 days for a catch up but in the meantime I really recommend checking out her channel for some serious fitness inspo! 

How lovely of you to drop by!

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