The Beauty Edition: Bourjois Throwback

For months I have been tiredly standing up in the morning, leaning against the wall in my old little box room to do my make up. It’s sooo nice to finally have a space to sit down and put on my war paint ready to hit the Monday morning traffic. Thanks to my Muji drawers I have been rediscovering some old favourites, it’s so ideal to be able to see what I have as oppose to rummaging through a cluttered vanity bag. I have been having a fling with an old flame and my love for the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick is back in full swing.

These are high street dupes for lip lacquers such as the Sephora Lip Cream Stains and Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks, from a price point Bourjois is a fantastic brand for affordability that doesn’t compromise on quality. Also, I’ve heard on the grape vine that Bourjois products are made by the same company that market Chanel – that’s got to be a selling point, right? I’ve always been a fan of a bold lip and the colour range from Bourjois doesn’t disappoint, whether you’re looking for a hot date night red or an everyday Kylie Jenner nude, the amount of choice is so generous.

The one thing I love about these lipsticks is that they just don’t budge and I really mean that, I can guzzle countless cups of tea, chomp on my favourite veggie burger and my pout is still perfectly intact. Although I do, always, you don’t need to line your lips before application, the matte finish eliminates any smudging that you might experience with other lipsticks. When I think matte I think drying, and yes there is an element of that – I’m not here to deceive you, my blog isn’t about that. Like with any matte products, make sure you give a good scrub before applying lashings of product. They will apply wet, and then dry to a matte finish, so give it a moment – have a scroll through Insta whilst you wait.

The newest addition to my own collection of these is the gorgeous shade Red-volution, unlike Hot Pepper (which I have made my way through three of) it’s not a vibrant tone but more of a deep, cherry red. It’s the perfect colour for this time of year and with a chill in the air its a lovely look paired with a fur stole – which by the way has made it’s way onto my must haves wish list. Bring on the winter vibes I say!



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