The Interior Edition: Affordable Picks and Style Inspiration 

I was unsure whether to show any snippets of my new home just yet as to me it’s so unfinished and it probably will be for some time it’s nowhere near perfect in regards to finishing touches but with each new purchase I make it is definitely getting there. A new home always comes with a big expense, especially if your taste is anything like mine but there are ways to cut corners and I have found some really affordable steals. The key is to wait – don’t buy the first thing you see. I thought rather than bare all and do some sort of ‘home tour’ I would share a few shots of my favourite affordable purchases, these are items that really turn a space into a home.

Candles – these are just the perfect item for introducing a pop of colour to a room. Candles can be expensive, I will also tell you that most candles look expensive. That gorgeous green square glass one up there, would you believe it if I told you it cost me £5.99! It looks like something you would see in a fancy spa, right? I mentioned my recent discovery of Home Sense in my 2015 yearly favourites post and this is where I picked up that lovely serene green candle which adds so much contrast to my rather simplistic desk area.

A clothes rail is a fashionista must have but more so, it’s a real statement piece for any bedroom, it’s a great way to showcase your favourite clothing pieces. I have a built in wardrobe so naturally plenty of space but all thanks to the likes of Instagram and Pinterest I have had my eye on a clothes rail for so long. Here is a home interior tip for you – Ebay will become your best friend. This rail is actually from Ikea but I purchased it on Ebay for a mere £16.00! So when I say wait, I promise you that’s necessary, it could save you some big bucks.

Vases – fresh flowers really perk up a room, I always buy them, I venture to Tesco in search for the £3.00 bunch of roses (no shame in these, they last a really long time if kept watered). A nice vase will always look lovely on a coffee table, I picked this one up from Next for £12.00 but what I love about this is that each one was handmade with a different detail, so of course somebody could have the same but oh no it won’t be exactly the same! I love Next home, and although some things are on the steep side price wise if you keep your eyes peeled you can always find a little treat stashed away.

I really believe that affordable mixed with the perhaps more expensive pieces you just can’t resist is a good compromise and if you set yourself a little challenge you can certainly hunt around for good quality home furnishings on a budget. I know this post is a little different for me but I hope you enjoyed it, my home décor vibe is in full swing so if you have any recommendations that you think I would like I will welcome them with open arms!

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