The Lifestyle Edition: 2016 Goals 

2016 is right around the corner and although resolutions aren’t really my thing, i do like to reflect and set some goals for the New Year ahead. I’m not one for being unrealistic because lets face it i absolutely love a good cocktail and I’ve never set foot in a gym – these aren’t changing anytime soon. Goals don’t necessarily have to be physical, sometimes it’s more about well being and I definitely want to go full speed ahead into 2016 with a positive mindset! 

Hopefully, with a bit of luck, these are ones that i’ll be able to stick to:

  1. Declutter – It’s always a good idea to go into a New Year refreshed and this means swapping the old for the new. Christmas generously brings lots of gifts and the easy option is to pile them onto of other ‘stuff’. Moving home has given me the ideal opportunity to have a good clear out; clothes that no longer fit, old beauty products etc. It’s not just the home that could do with a declutter, sometimes it’s more social aspects of your life that could do with a little review. 
  2. Get organised – I feel like if you can grasp this one then all the other minor goals such as ‘be more healthy’ or ‘get more sleep’ will follow suit. Being organised rewards you with extra time to spend how you want to – this is something i’m sure we all crave!
  3. Treat yourself – For me, this is the key to happiness. Everything in moderation of course but if you want a glass of wine or a few chocolates then i’m all for it, let yourself have those little treats now and then and i can assure you your mind & soul will thank you for it. 

Whatever your own goals i hope you all bring in the new year with a smile, be safe, and all the best for 2016. Catch you all in January!

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