The Lifestyle Edition: Five Stocking Fillers Under A Fiver 

To me, presents aren’t the be all and end all of Christmas, everyone works to a different budget. I’ve certainly had ‘blow out’ years where i have gone a bit mad and treated absolutely everybody (including the pets). This year will be different as the purse strings are a little tight especially with my house move coming up, which my brother has recently done too, my family has decided to keep the spending minimal – there are other ways to make the festive season special. Luckily i’m quite savvy when it comes to money anyway and i usually save my Boots point all year round. As much as i’m sticking to a budget this year it’s always nice to have something to open on the day so i have set myself a little mission; five gifts under a fiver each. These could easily be stocking fillers or even main gifts, whichever budget you are working to i have hunted around and found some affordable treats. 

  1. A not so edible Christmas pud. Anything covered in glitter and bath worthy is an ideal gift in my opinion. Holly Golightly is one of my favourite seasonal bubble bars, this generous ball of glitter is a real festive treat for the senses. | £4.95 Lush
  2. You just can’t go wrong with nails. Every girl loves an at home mani and would appreciate any addition to their more than likely already large collection. Mavala is a new discovery for me but one i wish i had known sooner as these babies are gorgeous and ridiculously affordable. | £3.95 All Beauty
  3. I go through candles like there is no tomorrow! Heart & Home bring out the best festive scents. If you’re stuck with what to buy grab a candle, frankly it’s the ultimate safety option. | £4.99 Heart & Home
  4. Continuing with all things sweet smelling another gift buy from Heart & Home but in the form of wax melts. I always pick up a load of these and bundle them up, you can wrap a bow around and make a homemade gift bag. | £1.95 Heart & Home
  5. Finally the all-rounder… chocolate! Ferrero Rocher to me screams Christmas and in fact my darling Nanna aged 92 loves these so the perfect buy for all ages! | £1-£5 all supermarkets 

My main rule for buying is presents is to pick something that i would like to receive, stick to this and you won’t go wrong. Happy shopping folks! 

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