The Birchbox Edition: November 2015 

I absolutely loved the concept of this months Birchbox, they teamed up with London accessory brand Skinny Dip, famous for cute and quirky phone cases i just had to get my hands on one. They were offering an upgrade on the boxes, for a teeny £4 you could get your hands on a £12 phone case – er hello, no brainer!! 

Six lovely products to run through so i’ll get straight to the usual list below:

  1. Lord & Berry Neutral Lip Liner 
  2. Ren Wake and Wonderful Night Time Facial
  3. So Susan Mascara 
  4. Beauty Protector Body Lotion 
  5. Delarom Creme Acquaconfort
  6. Thumbs Up Nail Wraps

So the case was a real treat, it went straight on my phone and i loved the super cute lilac sea shell print – very Skinny Dip like. 

I’m really pleased that i use my common sense and read the leaflet before giving the products a whirl because i was convinced that the Lord & Berry pencil was an eyeliner for the water line but oh no, it’s in fact a lip liner! It’s actually really handy, it’s clear so can be used with any coloured lipstick to stop the dreaded bleeding and smudging. I used it on a recent night out teamed with the daring Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry shade that i was recently raving about here. I have to say i was impressed, the lipstick itself was such a bold shade that i appreciated the extra help to get the precision just right. I can report that the only smudged i experienced was from a cheeky little Jägerbomb.

A few of the items are on the unexciting side for me, the Beauty Protector body lotion doesn’t get me jumping for joy and the nail wraps i will give away as they won’t suit my newly shaped pointed nails – yep, I’ve jumped on that bandwagon. 

On the other hand, one product that i am absolutely beaming about is the Ren wake wonderful night time facial, oh lord it’s a gooden. With a blend of glycolic and lactic acids designed to trigger cell renewal this really does prove the phrase ‘beauty sleep’. I have tried this a few times and i have been surprised with the results, it gets to work whilst you catch some z’s and i have woken up with super soft, radiant skin. There is a snag and that is in the form of the unpleasant scent, in fact i’m being kind – it stinks! I will have to weigh up the results a little more to see if it’s worth the smell. 

Overall not the best box but not the worst, i’m still yet to try the mascara which is a full sized product usually sold at £18.00 so i have high hopes for this one. 

Next box is only friggin’ December which excites me very much, it will be like extra Christmas presents – eep!

How lovely of you to drop by!

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