The Favourites Edition: October 15 

I don’t think there will be much of a surprise with my favourites this month, I’ve been banging on about everything Autumn in my most recent posts and relating everything to the October familiar – Halloween!

A Lush haul is a regular thing over on my blog and a couple of weeks ago i posted a Halloween themed one, which you can check out here, there was no doubt that one of the products would sneak it’s way into my monthly favourites. Sparkley pumpkin is the one for me, it’s a seasonal best in my opinion (just after snow fairy, of course). I adore this little guy for many reasons and the main one being that it’s essentially a ball of orange glitter – best invention ever!

It would be out of character for me not to update my nail polish collection throughout the colder months and i spotted this shade from Collection. Formally known as Collection 2000, i have to admit this isn’t a drug store brand i visit much, bar the essential repurchase of the popular lasting perfection concealer. I noticed this nail colour on a regular Sunday stroll around my local Boots and there was no way i was leaving the store without it. It’s practically Autumn in a bottle, the shade is called Daredevil 17 and it’s a gorgeous auburn tone, it’s basically a brown with a touch of burnt orange. I haven’t had anything else on my nails all month and i have to say the quality is surprisingly good for such a ‘value’ brand, the gel formula gives a long lasting at-home mani. Continuing with the drug store theme, i also grabbed a little pot of cocoa coloured eyeshadow from Natural Collection. It’s a lovely product, sits on the lid so well, paired with a nude lip it creates a really easy, natural day time look. Not everything in my favourites this month is new, i’m loyal to a fox print scarf from Topshop, i recently pulled it out of storage and i know that this will cling to my shoulders throughout the winter months.

Oh, and I’ve started up a washi tape addiction. I got this festive lookin’ one from an absolutely adorable independant design shop recently opened up in my hometown of Hitchin called Fly9.

November is my Birthday month so expect a favourites filled with cocktails, cake and me crying about getting old. Warning… wrinkle cream reviews likely!

How lovely of you to drop by!

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