The Beauty Edition: Lush Halloween Haul 

Autumn welcomes some seasonal favourites of mine, now i know that it’s a little too early to mention Father Christmas, I’m talking all things ghoulish. Halloween is a real favourite of mine, being a Scorpio baby it’s very fitting. I love everything related to the spooky hour and I don’t just mean horror films I’m all for pumpkins, toffee apples, vampy make up and witchy wine goblets and best of all batwinged bath products from the one and only Lush.

I recently took a trip to Westfields Shopping Centre in White City London and the Lush store was laden with Halloweeny treats and I rushed straight over to the green gunge that is Lord of Misrule. This shower cream is green gooey, peppery scented goodness and the best thing… there is a bath bomb to match! I saw this last year but never managed to get my hands on it so I just had to snap it up. Described as a ‘feast for the senses’ Lord of Misrule is packed with earthy notes of patchouli, black pepper oil and sweeter notes of vanilla, this certainly brightens up the shower experience.

Lush really go all out with the themed products and they didn’t hold back when they made Nightwing, it’s a shower jelly that essentially you lather up in your hands and give a good rub all over the skin. This product steers on the more fun side, being a jelly it definitely screams ‘kids tea party’. Nightwing smells like fruit pastels, that’s the only way i can describe it, the main ingredients are aloe vera and lime juice. The design aspect is too cute not to mention and when i said that Lush go all out with the themes i really meant it with this one, as the name suggests once you crack open the lid you are treated to a jelly shaped bat – you would never have guessed that would you?

I will finish with, in my opinion the best of all, this little glittery guy that is called Sparkley Pumpkin. This bubble bar is gorgeous and if you’re looking for a product that will fill your tub with colour then this is the one. The scent that comes from this bubble bar is so lovely and warming and this is all thanks to the juniperberry. This is just comfort in a bar, sink into the abundance of bubbles after a winters drive home.

I adore all of the Autumn treats from Lush and i’m trying my hardest to hold off buying everything from the Christmas range but all the Instagram snaps of Santa Claus bubble bars are not helping. I’m 25 going on 5…

How lovely of you to drop by!

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