The Birchbox Edition: October 15 

A good few months into using Birchbox and i’m always so excited to receive my little parcel in the post but i had to say that this particular box was a stressful choice. I cannot deny that i was torn! I always love the monthly concepts and the October box did prompt a difficult decision. Now and then a rather exciting email comes into my inbox asking to pick a design. I really struggled this time around and the box that i went for wasn’t actually the design that i wanted. The other choice was a gorgeous plain, deep navy coloured box with the word ‘October’ embossed in gold, it was so simple but so gorgeous and although i loved the look of this box more I went for the ‘Stylist’ box and the reason behind this was for one single product believe it or not – the Travelmate Sheet Mask.

I’ll get straight into listing what was in my October box this month:

  1. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze (full sized product)
  2. Bioderma Sensibio H20
  3. Parlor Smoothing Blow Out Spray
  4. Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel
  5. When Travelmate Sheet Mask
  6. English Laundry No7 Signature for Her

I have received some really good samples with previous boxes but the Travelmate Sheet Mask was something entirely different to try. It’s a moisturising mask ideal for using after a long day to freshen the skin and leave it feeling super soft. This is the reason i decided to go for the box as i’m totally intrigued by the concept of this product although i’m doubtful that i will be taking a photo of my face looking all wrapped up and mummified, even if we are getting closer to Halloween.

Some of the other products left me feeling a little underwhelmed if i am being honest. I have had the No7 sample before so i’ll be giving that away and i have also had something before from the Parlor brand, although that did smell particularly wonderful and with my new ‘lob’ haircut i think i’ll probably end up using the Blow Out Spray from the box and actually the sample size is rather generous. I have also previously had a product from Rituals but i do really like the products so i am happy to give this shower gel a go and i have to say it does smell absolutely lovely, it’s a sweet rose scent and this product could definitely double up as a shaving foam. I have wanted to try Bioderma for so long now but it’s quite difficult to get hold of in the UK and it’s a little more expensive than other micellar waters that i imagine do the same job. The sample size isn’t all that generous but i’m sure i can squeeze out a few applications, it will probably get plonked into an overnight bag when visiting girly friends one weekend.

The lip glaze is something that i am excited to try. It’s a gorgeous little pocket sized bullet, made from avocado and cocoa butters it’s designed to nourish the lips whilst adding a pop of colour in a matte finish. I was sent a lovely berry tone, perfect for Autumn and in perfect time for my Birthday coming up in the month of November. I’ll certainly be giving this a try and wearing it in hope of puckering up for a Birthday kiss!

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