The Food Edition: Pitta Bread Pizza 

I was having dinner with my Brother recently at The Spaghetti House and we were browsing the menu when he came out with something so shocking, ‘I don’t really like pizza’ he claimed! I was lost for words, who the flip doesn’t like pizza? There is nothing more delicious than a slice of cheesy goodness. Anyway, it gave me the idea of sharing with you my favourite food hack, the pitta bread pizza.

I have been enjoying pitta based pizza’s for about a year now, the idea came about one lunch time when cravings kicked in and as much as the word Domino’s brings joy to me, i think they are stupidly expensive. I have tried a few base alternatives and if you were not so keen on the cauliflower base i shared with you which you can refresh yourself with here, then this idea is much more similar to the real deal. Pitta bread is a store cupboard regular for me, i love a good falafel and hummus stuffed pitta but there is something next level to whip out for a tasty lunch idea. If you want a snack that’s quick, super tasty and pretty damn healthy for lunch then look no further. Pitta bread is a great way of cutting down on carbs especially if you go for the wholemeal option. This is the part where i tell you to essentially whack your favourite foods onto your pitta of choice and pop it into the oven for ten minutes – told you it was easy!

What you will need to recreate my more recent favourite combination:

Feta isn’t standard pizza etiquette, i know, but it bakes really well and it’s much more forgiving in calories. I slather on layers of the tomato first and this creates a base, crumble over feta and then build the pitta up with your toppings of choice. Figs are in season and they are absolutely delicious, you would normally associate them with a dessert dish dipped in honey and yoghurt but the natural sweet taste works surprisingly well with the salty feta. Some people think coriander came from the devil but i absolutely love it so i throw a bunch of that on top to replace the typical basil element and then i finish with a splash of hot sauce. This is all based on my personal taste palette and as i don’t eat meat the figs really bulk it up for me but you can throw on whatever you like, the process is always the same: tomato, cheese, toppings and bake.

Winter is the hardest season to stay healthy but this is a great alternative for when you fancy fast food so get Domino’s off of speed dial pronto!

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