The Beauty Edition: Cup O’ Coffee Lush Face Mask 

There is a term that is used when you love something, normally a food substance, you claim that you love it so much you could bathe in it. Lush have made this dream a reality for me with one of my all time favourite things on this planet… coffee! Who doesn’t love a shot of coffee to awaken the senses? I absolutely adore the smell of coffee, i really love that deep, strong roasted bean scent and Lush have captured that so well in the wonderful Cup O’ Coffee exfoliating mask. You’ll have to try it to believe me but when you crack open the lid you’ll see exactly what i mean, it’s nothing less than intense!

Not only does coffee get you functioning on a daily basis, it is jam packed with all kinds of goodness for the skin. Us girls love a good Sunday night scrub and it’s a great way to get that gorgeous glow back into dull, tired skin. The texture of this product is quite thick and grainy, but don’t be fooled, you can go quite rough with the ‘scrubbing’ application and i can assure you, you won’t be left red faced. I tend to slather this all over the face, elbows, knees etc basically anywhere that needs a little TLC. The results of just one application are truly amazing, seriously, my skin is left feeling so silky smooth. I’m going to make a bold statement here and say that this is one of the best defoliators i have used. Whether you want to prep the skin for a tan or just give it some attention this is a fantastic product.

This will no doubt quickly make it’s way into my weekly pamper session, i’ll be craving that coffee hit from one use to the next. I’ll also let you into a little secret, the lovely assistant in the Oxford Street store in London whispered to me that if you give this a rub onto pesky cellulite areas a couple of times a week, they will miraculously improve, or even disappear! So, don’t be putting those itsy bitsy bodycons away just yet, ladies.

How lovely of you to drop by!

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