The Beauty Edition: Max Factor Creme Puff Blush

Sometimes, out there in the beauty world, there are some really gorgeous products that you want but your bank balance won’t always let you buy. I am often on the hunt for some good ol’ high street dupes. Every beauty blogger has heard of or i’m sure owns one of the beautiful Hourglass Ambient Lightening blushers and lets face it they are absolutely stunning from the packaging to the longevity of the product, they are well worth the spend and boy is that a spend and a half. I have found something, something not so high end, something not so obvious on the beauty scene that i think is really similar in finish.

The Hourglass blushers are famous for that glow like marble streak and the Max Factor Creme Puff blushers have a very similar effect to them. Okay, i’ll get straight to it and state the obvious (i know you’re all thinking it) the packaging doesn’t quite compare, not nearly in the same league, it’s certainly not a ‘dressing table’ item but the quality of the product is definitely something to rave about. These baked blushers offer a lightweight formula which is perfect for building up a beautiful flush to the cheeks, they really do give instant warmth to the face. There is a subtle touch of glow, nothing too shimmery and they are so easy to blend which is great as you could easily double these up as an eye shadow. With six different shades in the range from a scale of natural to more of an an evening look, if you like, you have plenty to choose from. If you’re finding it difficult to pick the right one for you then you’re in luck as they are priced at a more than affordable £8.99. They may not be encased in a copper compact but the product inside is impressive and i’m sure will fast track into your on the go make up bag.

There are some beauty gems that are more ‘for show’ ones that you would rather not touch in fear of them being used up too quickly and then on the flip side there are some excellent, affordable products that you can easily whip out on a daily basis as you know you can pop back to the local Boots and repurchase again and again without your bank balance suffering for it.

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