The Beauty Edition: John Masters Organics Hair Detangler 

Okay, so I have been trying this new thing for a month now where I reverse my shampoo and conditioning routine, basically i condition first and then shampoo. Hear me out with this one, I bet by the end of this blog post you’ll be intrigued enough to try it for yourself. I naturally have a lot of hair but it’s extremely fine – yes that’s possible. My locks can often ‘go flat’ no matter what products I chuck on them. Now, I will let you in on a little secret that I found out… conditioning last is actually bad for your hair – who knew! When you finish off with a conditioner, a lot of residue is left in which in turn completely weighs down your hair when it’s dry. Swapping the process still gives you the silky feel of the conditioner but leaves your hair squeaky clean, thus enhancing that ‘bounce’ your locks crave so much.

I have to say I have noticed a real change in my hair since doing this, it definitely has more ‘omph’ and I have found styling a lot more easier, for example when I curl my hair I seem to get better results. My curlers run through so well without that ‘sticky’ feeling. I have additional help, of course, and that is in the form of the lovely John Masters Organics team. This sample is a dream, it was in my Birchbox this month and along with the Birchbrush the combination of the two used together give really great results. Firstly the scent, oh lord, it smells divine, packed with citrus bursts it really leaves your hair feeling fresh and silky smooth. The brush itself, very similar to another brand of brush (i’m sure you can guess who) is really gentle on the hair, completely tames locks free from knots. I’m totally sold on the colour too, it’s gorgeous!

There are some fantastic products from the John Masters Organics range, I’ve got my eye on the Lavender & Avocado intensive conditioner, with all these ‘good enough to eat’ products knocking about they make hair care just so addictive!

How lovely of you to drop by!

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