The Food Edition: Courgette and Halloumi Skewers

I’m clinging onto summer and that’s reflecting in my food, it won’t be long until Autumn arrives and i’m craving the British classic of bangers and mash so i’m making the most of light, fresh dishes slathered over salad (my waistline appreciates this right now). It’s not quite BBQ weather anymore but i’m all for throwing food onto a griddle.

Being a pescetarian i’m always looking for ways to pack some protein into my meals and halloumi is something i’m all for, it’s delicious. I stumbled across this halloumi and courgette skewer recipe on BBC Good Food, this is my go to website for delicious dishes.

What you will need:

This is probably the quickest and easiest recipe i have ever come across, you essentially marinade the cubed cheese and courgettes in the oil, lemon, chilli powder and mint, simply leave for about half an hour (enough time for a quick soak in the tub whilst the wine chills too). Pop the marinated cubes onto a skewer and whack on the griddle, cook for about 8 minutes, just make sure to turn over the skewers half way through.

Not only is this dish completely delicious it’s fantastic hosting food, minimal prep so you can mingle with guests. I usually cook up a big batch as i like graze through ‘left overs’ for a lazy lunch the next day. Pair with salad or sweet potato fries and you’re onto a winner!

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