The Lifestyle Edition: Detox Tea’s

Okay, so this post is not for everyone. If you’re a cynic when it comes to ‘faddy’ detox teas, as so my mum calls them then close the tab and i’ll see you on the next post, if you’re all for it, intrigued or just open minded then please, do continue.

I am a huge advocate for all things that make you feel good, as long as they aren’t hurting you or others (we’re talking chocolate and such here not murder). Seriously, if drinking a ‘detox tea’ makes you feel good on the inside and in turn makes you shine on the outside then brilliant, keep on sippin’. I have been a big fan of Your Tea since the start of the year and in January i tested out a 28 day detox, named Tiny Tea, after a rather indulgent holiday to Egypt, as you do. Claiming to cleanse and beat the bloat, i was keen to give this a shot. For me, personally it did the trick. I felt good, cleansed and i had lots of energy, not to mention a slimmer waistline.

Knowing that the brand had impressed me before i turned to them again for some much needed herbal help. I have recently gone through the motions of crappy sleep equals crappy skin and in turn has made me one unhappy lady so i was straight on the website stocking up on a box of Skin Magic Tea and Sleep Tea. Both blends contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera, liquorice root, jasmine, Chinese red tea, basically all good things to really nourish the inside, thus giving you a real good confidence boost on the outside.

I’m a couple of weeks into The Skin Magic Tea and I have noticed a difference, I have mentioned before in previous posts that I do suffer with uneven skin tone and general redness and I have found that this has calmed down a lot. Now, i’m not saying that this will rid you of spots and blemishes forever and forever, this tea is not designed for long term use but a little help here and there when you need it is absolutely fine in my books. The Sleep Tea is a tricky one, I think my sleep suffered because my general mood took a dip, as i mentioned in a past favourites post my driving test took my stress levels through the roof and now that’s all done with (hurrah) sleep itself seems to have settled. I will say that my general sleep pattern is quite broken and I do often wake in the night although when I have used The Sleep Tea I have managed to bag a full nights kip.

Anyway, enough about me, back to the tea. There are lots of different blends to choose from to suit your current mood or situation, all super affordable too. If you feel like this kind of thing would be beneficial to you then i would recommend giving it a go, grab a box and get the kettle on!

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