The Beauty Edition: Lush Flowering Tea Bubble Bar 

I finally got myself into the Lush store on Oxford Street and boy was it everything i expected it to be. I think i genuinely spent about two hours in there, i was drawn in with demonstrations, general nosing around and completely fascinated by all the exclusives. I wanted them all! I hate to mention this word but it will have the most special atmosphere at Christmas time. I’m sorry, please forgive me, i have Snow Fairy on the brain. I picked up a few things, they were all exclusive products and one of my ultimate favourites was this Flowering Tea Bath Dunk.

This was the first thing i decided to pick up actually, being a huge tea drinker i liked the take on this product, it definitely spoke to me, it’s so, so cute. The idea is sweet, and as the name suggests you give it a little dunk in the tub and you get rewarded with lots of lovely bubbles as well as an adroable little surprise at the end! This doesn’t turn the bath a vibrant colour like most lush products but the scent is a winner for me, packed with jasmine and citrus orange i could honestly bathe in this over and over. It definitely gives off more of a heady, floral smell which is something that i quite like, your bathroom will certainly be left with the waft of a summertime florist. The little surprise? If you’re patient enough to get to the end, a mound of bubbles later, you’ll be sharing a tub with gorgeous blossoming flower petals.

This could easily accommodate 2-3 baths but i’m quite greedy when it comes to bath time, i want the full experience and i actually quite like the idea of a thick, blanket like layer of bubbles. Now all i need is this ‘exclusive’ product to not be so exclusive and get it’s blossoming butt online so that i can repurchase more and more!

How lovely of you to drop by!

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