The Favourites Edition: August 15 

Where did August go? Seriously, i blinked and it was gone. August was a pretty stressful month for me, i managed to get my ass in gear (pun intended) and passed my driving test! Safe to say i was preoccupied for the majority of August so this monthly favourites are minimal, and actually pretty stress busting.

Lets get straight into it. I’m not going to lie, learning to drive has been somewhat of an experience for me, as a typical nervous passenger, taking the wheel has been a challenge for me. The lead up to my test date i was in bits, i’m not quite sure how i got this one in the bag but i was definitely reaching for the help of alcohol after Saturday morning stressful drives. I came across a new tipple in the form of the Old Mout Cider gang. Pomegranate & Strawberry – doesn’t that just sound divine? Fresh, fruity and honestly complete calm in a bottle. Of course, i was grabbing bottles of these AFTER my lessons – drink safe, kids.

It seems like i’m having a red theme, it wasn’t planned i promise! I treated myself to a new fragrance and one that i used to dowse myself in when i was younger, this scent is so nostalgic for me and really reminds me of summer nights back in the day, and seeing as the summer is drawing out i’m clinging onto this perfume. Gucci Rush is a really deep and dark scent with a really spicy twist to it, something i think not everybody would warm to but for me it’s absolutely lovely!

It wouldn’t be a favourites post without the mention of a little something from my beloved Birchbox babes. This Rice Scrub from Rituals has been an ideal favourite for me this month, with a ‘calming’ aim in mind, this scrub has been my saviour for a stress busting soak in the tub. Packed with cherry blossom this scrub is so dreamy, and i have to say one of the best scrubs i have come across, it’s so gentle but really effective on the skin.

See you in September for the next favourites post, blimey… has anyone got a time machine to send me back into summer?

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