The Fashion Edition: New Look Stackable Rings 

Silver, silver and more silver! I have made it no secret that i love silver hardware, i’m always on the scout for something eye catching, i’m like a little magpie when it comes to jewellery shopping, ready to add something pretty to my collection. Rings have always been my top jewellery choice, it’s very rare that you would see me without one on, or two, three, four. I’m all for stackable rings and i really love that look, it’s very on trend but it’s something i have been into for a while. Stackable rings really finish off a look and there are so many styles out there right now, the vintage looking kind, dainty, shaped or just damn cute.

On a recent nose around New Look i spotted this pack of vintage, gem stone styled rings, they were basically made for me! They are really imperfect, almost like a rusted silver which is something i was really drawn to, i thought that they would look perfect with black nails and paired with a leather jacket for a really rock and roll inspired look. I have always been a bit more ‘alternative’ when it comes to my style.

The pack has six quirky little rings, and priced at a surprisingly inexpensive £4.99 i didn’t even bat and eye lid at the price, i marched straight over to the till. I have a tendency to loose things, often, so i was more than happy with the price as i have a real habit of misplacing rings, keys, phone etc after a few too many cocktails on a Friday night. Oh c’mon, it’s Bank Holiday, what else is a girl to do!

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