The Lifestyle Edition: Organised Blogging   

Holding down a Monday to Friday typical nine to five job whilst blogging is tough! Luckily i’m an extremely organised person, this follows through to planning my blog posts too. I blog on the go, i’ll catch a couple of spare minutes on my lunch break to edit photos, any chance that i can get i’m putting a post together. I wanted to share my top three tips for getting organised when blogging.

A blog planner is probably the first essential. You can buy some gorgeous hardbacks and i’m on the hunt for the perfect one. I use printable pages from Etsy, they have so many free designs to choose from you simply download one and print it off. I’ll print it off on a Sunday night, settle down with a cup of tea and jot some ideas down. Unfortunately with my day job i don’t have time to schedule weeks in advance so i do have to work on a week to week basis, i find these sheets super handy for planning and it’s a great satisfaction to give them a tick once done.

Taking a notepad around with you is ideal, it’s the best way to cling onto ideas. Inspiration is absolutely every where and it’s so annoying when you forget a ‘light bulb’ moment. I got this adorable sea shell notepad from Paperchase and it’s got a little magnet on the back too so i can pop it on the fridge but i usually just throw it into my handbag. This is filled with scribbles, ideas and works as a great ‘wish list’ for products i want to purchase next.

The one thing i just can’t live without, like most, is my Phone. As i mentioned before with a hectic work day, blogging on the go is the way forward for me. The WordPress App is my life saver, it’s a fantastic way to upload and schedule posts without carrying a bulky laptop around with me. I also use my IPhone to edit photo’s, my favourite App is Photoshop Express, it’s a dream and super easy to use. There is another obvious reason why a smart phone is essential for bloggers, you guessed it? Social media! Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest they are all a great platform for getting your blog out there in the big wide world. Rinse those hashtags my loves!

I hope that this post has given some newbies, like me, a few tips a tricks to help you along the way. I’m not talking military OCD, just a little forward thinking!

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