The Favourites Edition: July 15

So, this months favourites probably seem a little vain as it’s very much skin care and beauty, but it’s more ‘medical’ if you like. The lotions and potions have a mention because I’ve had a bit of a nightmare with my skin lately and the beauty items are simply to cheer me up because of that – i’m a girl, it’s what we do!

Considering summer is in full swing i haven’t experienced the usual ‘shine’ complexion, my skin has actually gone the opposite and it’s become really dry which is something i’m not used to at all so I’ve gone back to a name that i trust. I used to use Nivea when i was younger, the texture of their products really work into the skin leaving it super soft, the general formula is so kind and gentle. I picked up the Daily Essentials BB Cream in the shade Light and although this is the lightest shade within the range it is still a teeny bit too dark for me, i do have to really work it into my skin but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! It claims to ‘instantly perfect’ the skin by covering, illuminating as well as protecting with it’s generous SPF10. This has really helped soothe the dry patches and it’s actually a great little base for make-up, it’s a perfect ‘cheap and cheerful’ product to get me through this bizarre skin change and at £5.99 i’m not going to cry too much if it doesn’t do the job.

Another product that has been a real help is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, now this is a winter staple as it’s a god send for battling dry skin but recently i have found that the best use for this is as a base for a matte lip. It’s an absolute saviour before a night on the tiles, slather it all over and leave for about ten minutes (grab a glass of bubbles in the mean time or sing into your hair brush – usual girly antics) then wipe away with a cotton bud and there you have it smooth, rough free lips ready to pout the night away. This nicely moves onto my next favourite and it’s scary how much i am using this up already. I’m completely obsessed with the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in Miss 1975, seriously obsessed, the formula is incredible and i’m desperate for more shades but my bank balance doesn’t like the idea of that. I have raved about this product in a previous post so if you want a more detailed declaration of my love for this lipstick then click here but it is well deserved of a mention this month.

Lastly, i couldn’t do a favourites post without mentioning something from my Birchbox right… so, you’re thinking when will she stop banging on about this bloody box? Well, unfortunately i can’t because i’m totally obsessed. I’m also obsessed with a nail shade that i was sent in my July parcel, it’s a totally gorgeous pastel colour called ‘pistache’ by a brand named Soigne which by the way is totally exclusive to Birchbox. They have some seriously dreamy summer shades and i would highly recommend getting your hands on some, in fact i’m making my way over to the site now to grab ‘Limonade Rose’, so see you over there!

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