The Beauty Edition: Lush Cosmetics

Ever since the new Oxford Street Lush opened up i have been so desperate to go, i just haven’t found a Saturday afternoon spare to hop on the train (that’s what driving lessons do to your life). I have been checking the website regularly in case any of the exclusives were featured online and one day my wishes came true. There it was, on the Fresh Kitchen page, the Karma Bubble Bar (not to be confused with the original bright orange bar). This is the new and improved Oxford Street exclusive version, deep velvet blue with streaks of the iconic orange and a glittery golden peeked top. Packed with gorgeous, silky oils from lavender to lemongrass and sweet orange this bar packs a citrus punch and i know this will fill my tub with endless dreamy bubbles. I will have to savour this until i can be in my element over at the biggest London store.

I also grabbed a few classics, seemed to make sense rather than paying postage for one thing (i convinced myself of this pretty quickly). I picked the Phoenix Rising bath bomb, the colour of this is just so vivid it’s a stunning deep purple and it gives off such a gorgeous rich cinnamon scent. With it’s main ingredients being cocoa and shea butter, this bath bomb will soothe your skin after a day in the summer sun, keeping your glowing pins hydrated and moisterised.

Lastly i stocked up on a couple of Dream Steam toner tabs, these little gems do wonders for my skin. Girls, this is me revealing my secret to you. Loaded with tea tree oil, chamomile, lavender and rose absolute this little tab has got skin calming all over it, perfect for reducing redness. Just grab yourself a bowl and fill with hot water (not boiling) throw a towel over your head and let the heat and oils do wonders to your skin, once the tab has finished fizzing you’re done, just pat your face dry with a clean towel. If you haven’t tried this little beauty yet then pick one up for a budget friendly £2.50 and get this into your Sunday pamper routine pronto!

How lovely of you to drop by!

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