The Fashion Edition: Asos Haul 

I really shouldn’t be over spending at the moment, i have some really big plans ahead and i’m desperately trying to kerb the splurging but i always find myself on the Asos app, i just can’t stop myself. I actually have a legit reason for a spree this time around, honest! My beloved £1 Primark sliders that i was raving about in a recent outfit post embarrassingly broke while i was having cocktails after work, luckily i managed to style it out but the hunt was on for a replacement pair and out came the trusty Asos app.

I wanted a few summer accessories to spruce up my wardrobe, i have slowly been adding key items but the footwear needed replacing pronto after the breakage incident. I’m really picky when it comes to sandals, i prefer simple over fussy and i’m not too keen on bows, tassels or anything too full on. I ended up going for an Asos own brand pair, in fact all three items within this mini haul are. They are definitely my cup of tea, simple monochrome style with silver hardware and extremely affordable these were under £10. I also grabbed a pair of black retro cat eye sunglasses to add to my current collection (seriously you can’t have too many sunglasses, i can blame the dreaded hay-fever for that) these are a great size for me as i have quite a small, round (chubby) face so the shape compliments nicely without looking too over bearing, again super cheap these were a tenner on the dot. Lastly i had a browse over on the jewellery section because i wanted to get a new necklace to switch it up from the one that i normally wear which by the way is a diddy little horse shaped charm on a chain from an online shop called Daisy Mae Jewellery. So, i spotted this really interesting silver (obviously) necklace, it’s pretty much a triangle and circle looped together on a double chain which i really like. Triangle shaped jewellery is just everywhere at the moment, i don’t know where it began but i’m more than happy to jump on that bandwagon. The chain itself is quite short which i like, i’m not so keen on long necklaces i prefer them to sit close to the collarbone and also quite delicate as oppose to chunky.

So, Asos comes up trumps again! Three lovely little pieces for under thirty quid, not so bad for a spending ban, eh?

How lovely of you to drop by!

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