The Beauty Edition: Body Shop Haul 

 The Body Shop reminds me of my childhood, i always remember spending my pocket money in here as a teenager, grabbing a matching fruity strawberry body butter and lip gloss. As i got older and started discovering make up i moved onto Boots and kind of forgot about The Body Shop, i pretty much grew out of it. I recently popped into a store on a lazy shopping afternoon and i was impressed by how much has changed, i was expecting ‘childish’ stocking fillers left over from Christmas. I don’t know why i had got this vision stuck into my head. The skin care range is on point, not to mention the affordable make up too!

I change up my hair care all the time and i was in desperate need of some day to day shampoo and conditioner, i was saving this purchase for Boots but again completely surprised at the choice in the shop. Talk about a breakfast smoothie for your hair, the banana shampoo and conditioner is good enough to eat and a great start to the morning shower routine. I was unknown to the fact that there is already a lot of hype around this product, a firm beauty favourite for most and i can see why, smells divine and leaves my usual dry locks looking silky smooth.

The Body Shop have launched a new skin care range just in time for summer, keeping in theme with the foodie vibe the new Vitamin C products aim to give your skin a complexion boost, something i’m all in favour for! The main ingredient behind this new launch is the camu camu berry (nope, I’ve not heard of it either) not be found in the local fruit and veg aisle, this little berry locates on the edge of the Amazon. I have mentioned before that my skin tone is naturally uneven and some days almost sallow looking so when i spotted the Instant Glow Enhancer claiming an ‘instant fix’ to revitalise skin i was pretty much sold. I was expecting a clear gel of some sort but nope, the stuff comes out bright orange and as a girl with porcelain pale skin i was naturally a bit worried about a ‘you’ve been tangoed’ end result, luckily this wasn’t the case at all. It sinks into the skin quickly without leaving anything behind and i find it works as a great base for make up, a little goes a long way with this one. I’m unsure if this would have any effect on girls with a darker skin tone to mine but this definitely did give me the ‘boost’ it claims, i noticed a flush of colour return to my skin and i was left with a dewy glow. I need to give this a few more go’s before i decide to keep it as a staple in my routine.

I’ll be returning to The Body Shop more often and i’m keen to have a peek at the make up range, i have heard good things about the Baked-To-Last Bronzer – this is going on my never ending wish list!

How lovely of you to drop by!

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