The Interior Edition: Yankee Candles 


I’m about to reveal a secret obsession of mine, something that a third of my wages is spent on each month, and that’s… candles! There is just something about Yankee Candle scents that keep me addicted, i think my mum is a huge influence for this, she recently took out a seasonal delivery subscription with QVC – jealous much!

Yankee always have new fragrance themes out and their most recent, Cafe Culture, caught my eye immediately. Three new foodie fragrances have been released, is it too obvious that the sweet treat scents are my favourite? I picked up Pain Au Raisin, a gorgeous buttery vanilla smell with hints of cinnamon. There is also Cappuccino Truffle and Tarte Tatin, don’t they all just sound divine? I’m sure i will be picking up the other two as soon as pay day swings round again.

I like to switch up the candles that i burn a lot so i only usually buy the smaller sized jars, although don’t be deceived because they still give up to 40 hours burning time. I have mentioned that i like the sweeter, stronger scents and Pain Au Raisin is just perfect for the more relaxed evenings but i am also fond of a fresh scent. I picked up Aloe Water to try, now hands up my initial reason for this choice was mainly for the fact that it would work well in my bedroom (who doesn’t like a good colour scheme) but seriously this smells heavenly. It’s so refreshing, i could easily close my eyes and feel like i’m in a spa!

If you’re feeling generous then Yankee Candles make great gifts or if you are more of a ‘one for you, one for me’ type spender then head over direct to the website where a limited time offer of free delivery on orders over £30.00 is currently running, tempting…

How lovely of you to drop by!

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