The Beauty Edition: Nude Pro Genius Treatment Oil

 I have had my beloved Birchbox for a couple of weeks now and I’ve really had to hold myself back from using everything all at once. I have sampled a few of the products and there is already a front runner for me and that’s the Pro Genius Treatment Oil from Nude. I was intrigued and a little bit frightened by this product as soon as i pulled it out from the box. I was ready to give this sample a miss, i have mentioned before that i have quite oily skin and i just thought ‘nope, disaster waiting to happen’. I left the sample for a few days and went back to it, i gave it a whiff and that’s what sold it for me, there was a scent to it that was so familiar but i couldn’t quite think what, it smelt expensive if i am being honest with you. I did a little research on the brand and i was extremely impressed. Anti anything nasty such as parabens, silicones and synthetics and completely pro good stuff such as plant oils and omegas and to top it all off completely vegan friendly. The product itself contains 10 natural plant oils, one of them being in the form of macadamia nut and that’s exactly what i could smell, a rich woody, silky scent.

The first time i used this was before bed so i included it into my night time skin care routine, i pumped a few drops onto my fingers and massaged the product into my skin after cleansing, it absorbed well not too quickly but definitely didn’t leave any sticky, uncomfortable residue. Well, here’s where i sell it to you, i woke up with glowing skin. I naturally have an uneven skin tone, i get this from my mama (i’ll forgive her she suffers with varicose veins, not to be wished upon anyone) i often have red patches around my nose and cheeks, this had disappeared and my skin had magically formed a perfectly even base, ready to apply the war paint. My biggest fear was also quickly put at ease, no blotting paper needed, hurrah! I feel like i have been on a real learning curve with my skin. Oily skin needs oil! Who would have thought it? We all know that cleansing is good for you, it removes all the dirt from the day but it also removes natural oils your skin needs, using a product such as the Pro Genius treatment oil will replenish moisture – an absolute necessity.

The oil is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way which is a good thing as the sample size is 5ml, i think when i’m near to the end i’ll be cutting open the bottle to scoop out every last drop. The full size is a more generous 30ml, although priced at a steep £58.00 i may need to put it on the wish list for now.

Birchbox friends, what’s your favourite sample this month?

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