The Breakfast Edition: Groundworks, Hitchin 

 Been searching for that perfect vegetarian breakfast? Look no further, head down to The Groundworks in Hitchin, my lovely local market town. Although, if the thought of leaving your bed before midday on Sunday fills you with dread then don’t worry, brunch is served until 3pm. I have been here a handful of times, anywhere that serves pancakes with gorgeous fruity toppings can’t keep me away! Since cutting out meat i have struggled to find somewhere that offers anything past beans on toast. The Groundworks have a menu to drool over from savoury to sweet treats. On a recent trip i devoured a full vegetarian breakfast which consisted of smashed avocado, portabello mushroom, slow-roasted tomato, halloumi and poached egg all to be mopped up with sourdough toast and i can tell you it was divine, i was in heaven. Everything on the plate was fresh (not sat under a heated lamp all morning) and seasoned so well, the avocado was mixed with lime and chilli, i didn’t waste a single mouthful.

I would normally wash this all down with a latte but for some reason here in England the sun decided to show it’s face that day so a cold juice seemed more fitting, all homemade and packed with fresh mint and cucumber. If a coffee is more your thing i.e you can’t function without it then grab a cup from 8:30am, plus they do all that cute artistry business, totally Instragram worthy and enough to put a smile on your face when the mornings are a struggle.

Keep your eyes peeled for events held here too! I went to a cocktail night late last year with a group of friends, we sat outside with blankets and nibbled on popcorn which was so much fun and a really low key, casual atmosphere compared to the sometimes overbearing pubs and clubs.This place has been going strong for over a year now and i would highly recommend a visit, you will find it round the corner of the famous cobbled market square. Who could say no to pancakes for brekkie?

How lovely of you to drop by!

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