The Restaurant Edition: Loch Fyne, St. Albans

Calling all seafood lovers, if you haven’t tried Loch and Fyne already then i suggest you do. For those of you that have heard of this restaurant then you will know that it’s a chain but before you decide not to carry on reading please know that this should not put you off.

I went to the one in the charming town of St. Albans, i hadn’t actually planned to go here and i didn’t even have a reservation but stumbled upon it after leaving another restaurant in disappointment. I was originally booked into Lussmanns for lunch but the sight of the neighboring tables dish put me off, flakes of limp, watery cod thrown onto lumpy mash… no thanks. I made my excuses and left in search for something better and i’m so glad i followed my judgement.

I immediately felt relaxed at Loch Fyne and the menu looked right up my street, not a spot of mash in sight. You walk straight into an open kitchen which is a feature that i really like in restaurants and then around the corner by the dining area is a display of fresh seafood, i felt like i  was on holiday and close by to a cute little harbor.

You can’t go to St. Albans without doing a bit of retail therapy and i was due to do some shopping after my visit to Loch Fyne so i knew exactly what to go for on the menu, nothing like a big ol’ lobster to get your energy up for an afternoon of burning a hole in the purse. I wouldn’t recommend taking a date here if you’re a lobster novice, I’m glad i was dining with a friend because boy did we make a mess, nevertheless it was delicious.

The lobster was baked and served with fries and garlic butter (i don’t count calories on weekends). As i mentioned in my previous post i have recently been feeling a little under the weather and having got my appetite back this was just the perfect meal to treat myself to.


I will definitely be returning here again as i already have my eye on the seafood Tagliatelle! Let me know if you have been to Loche Fyne and if you would recommend anything.

How lovely of you to drop by!

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