The Favourites Edition: April 2015 

How did April go by so fast, eh? Monthly favourites are the best kind of posts to read in my opinion, i love having a little snoop to see what others have treated themselves to.

Unfortunately i haven’t been in the best spirits this month, completely ridden with a cold that i just can’t seem to shake so the go to product that’s been top of my list is the Blissfully Nourishing face mask by Planet Spa, part of the Avon range. It’s not a new purchase but it’s something that has been so needed this month. When i’m ill boy does my skin suffer, i could use tissues laced with gold and my nose would still be left sore and my face incredibly dry and lackluster. I have used this mask on a weekly basis and it really does leave my skin feeling so soft and hydrated again, it’s packed with African Shea Butter so smells divine too!

Feeling like crap has welcomed warm, cosy nights in which takes me to my next monthly favourite, a candle from Lolly Rocket. The weather has been a bit up and down too this month and when it’s been a bit colder i have enjoyed nothing more than lighting this candle, the scent is Caramel Apple Crunch. It’s a cute 1/2lb candle made with natural soy wax so no nasties in there. They have some spring scents up at the moment and i have my eye on Pink Pomegranate and Candy Floss for my next fix.

Now, i’ll put my hands up, the last few bits i picked up were simply because i wanted them! I have seen the Roller Lash mascara from Benefit literally everywhere. My blogger friend Tiffany Tales reviewed this over on her blog and that just sealed the deal for me and i have to say i’m completely converted. Yes it’s pricey and i do think £20.00 is rather steep for a mascara but it’s more than make up, it’s a real eye opener – see what i did there? It changes the face, it’s just brilliant and i will be repurchasing this again. The last favourite that i have to mention is the new book Get The Glow by Madeline Shaw. I raved about Madeline on a previous post as she bought courgette to my attention so i pre-ordered her book and i can’t wait to get stuck in and make some delicious healthy treats.

Hopefully my cold will disappear next month otherwise i’ll be blogging about tissues and cold remedies. Boo!

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