The Food Edition: Rainbow Bowls

I’ve been pondering over a big change in my eating habits for a while and i have finally done it, it’s taken some adjusting but i can now officially say i’m a vegetarian. It’s more of a conscious health decision over a moral one as i have found meat just not agreeing with me or the way it reacts with my body. I have been finding other sources to pack in the protein and Rainbow Bowls are a way of tucking into some delicious goodness.

These bowls are a fantastic lunch idea and not only are they quick to throw together but super nourishing too when the balance is right. Firstly fill the bowl with some gorgeous greens, something like salad leaves, spring onions and especially avocados as they are a great source of potassium. I have chosen falafel as my protein option, made up of chickpeas and herbs these little gems are low in calories but rich in ‘healthy fats’. Carbs are essential for energy but you can swap the chips for cubes of sweet potato, so tasty once roasted in the oven with a little smoked paprika. Drop in a dollop of vegetable dip something like beetroot, asparagus or even hummus and finally sprinkle over some seeds such as sunflower or pumpkin and voilà you have a meal to keep you going all afternoon. This won’t have you clock watching, i can assure you, you’ll have bundles of energy to last you until home time.

I think these bowls are great for me and work so well in my new path of my diet change but would also work just as good for meat eaters with some grilled chicken thrown in on the side. Whatever your taste buds, these are so worth a try!

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