The Food Edition: Healthy Courgette Noodles

I’ve been seeing these green curls of goodness everywhere at the moment all thanks to the likes of Deliciously Ella, Madeline Shaw and other pro health bloggers. Courgette spaghetti, courgette noodles, zoodles or which ever you would like to name them are the new ‘spag bowl’ for the health conscious. Now, i’m not overly strict about eating healthy (my chocolate addiction doesn’t help with this) but i am moving more towards the vegetarian side of eating and these are the perfect introduction.

There are some super fancy spiralizers on the market at the moment and I’ve been eyeing up the Helmsley and Helmsley one for a while now but before i went straight in for the big guns i bought a small handheld one from Ebay. I had my reservations as it was about a fiver but i’m genuinely impressed, does the job, easy to use and creates mounds of gorgeous spirals.

I wasn’t quite ready to go down the raw diet path so i did heat my spirals through in a wok. Pesto goes so nicely with the noodles and although there are so many lovely recipes out there i didn’t make my own this time around but i really think buying a good quality pesto is passable. I used a yummy basil pesto which is a staple item in my fridge and i use it all the time with wholemeal pasta as it’s so creamy and delicious, the most perfect combination. You could throw almost anything in the bowl, i think next time i’ll have it with some flaked salmon, fresh lemon and a generous sprinkling of cracked black pepper.

There is something else that goes so well with this dish and that’s a big splosh of green tea. It’s definitely a ‘marmite’ drink, it takes a few gulps to get used to the taste but I’ve always been a fan. I’m hooked on the mint infused tea from clipper, i can assure you it doesn’t taste like toothpaste! Not only does it taste so fresh and delicious it’s packed with antioxidants and works wonders for the skin.

I’m really taking the term ‘go green’ quite literally…

Have you got any health tips/recipes to share?

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