The Beauty Edition: Red Hair Don’t Care

Hands up, when it comes to hair care it’s not high up on my priority list. I’ve been all colours you could possibly imagine from black to pink but for the past two years my hair has been bleached blonde with a few pastel washes here and there which you might already know if you have read my Peach Perfection post. The up keep for bleached hair is intense, it’s a painful monthly process which is funny because a trip to the hairdressers should be relaxing not nail biting. I would often leave the salon with a numb backside from a three hour sit, a sore scalp from root touch ups and toners and not to mention an empty purse. I could easily spend £100 a trip and to be honest it got to the point where it just wasn’t worth it and it made me dislike the end result, being pale skinned i just felt washed out. My beautiful Nanna had gorgeous auburn, red toned hair when she was my age and i took the plunge, i needed a change.


I made an appointment with my trusty hairdressers The Hair Factory and we found the perfect shade to suit my skin tone and the moment she whipped the towel off of my head i fell in love. As i mentioned earlier hair care was something i wasn’t that great at but mainly because there was no point. When my hair was bleached it was so dry, no product on the market did it justice. I have been red for a couple of weeks now and my hair has never been healthier. The best part about my locks finally showing signs of life again is that i don’t need to fork out heaps of money on expensive products.I think ginger/red hair is making a huge fashion statement right now and it’s certainly the ‘in’ thing. It’s miles away from classroom teasing, far from school bully banter. I see so many gorgeous women rocking this look at the moment and good for them, it’s a colour to be proud of. The celebrity world is probably the biggest influence to this fiery look.


If you have been thinking of shaking things up for summer then don’t hesitate. In the meaning of all things girl power, spice up your life!

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