The Beauty Edition: Seventeen Shimmer Brick

If there is one product in my make up bag that is an everyday ‘go to’ then it would have to be a highlighter. Perfect for creating a gorgeous glow throughout all seasons winter to summer. There is nothing i love more than a dewy look to the skin. I’ve had my eye on the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, a stunning compact highlighter with neutral to blush shades. Priced at £32.50 i’m trying to convince myself to splurge.


On a recent trip to Boots the Seventeen stand caught my eye and there it was, a glowing Shimmer Brick compact, the most perfect dupe. Priced at £4.99 i just had to give it a go!

image (3)

image (5)

The packaging isn’t as luxury, there is no mirror like the Bobbi Brown compact and there are 4 strips oppose to 5 but personally the product quality is fantastic. The shades themselves look practically identical. The colours are stunning just a couple of brushes on the cheek bone leave a beautiful shimmer although nothing heavy or too glittery, subtle but enough to be seen. I use the darker shades as more of a contour and the lighter ones for a highlight. Don’t stop with the cheeks, this product is multi purpose and i have used the product as eye shadows too. The darker golden tones look lovely on the lids and blend extremely well I highly recommend this product, even if you’re not keen a fiver is not going to break the bank!

How lovely of you to drop by!

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