The Beauty Edition: Bamboo Beauty Brushes

Flawless skin is something we all dream of, right? Grabbing all sorts of lotions and potions in the hope that they will give us a miracle glow to the skin. Just lately i realised it’s not always in the products you use but the tools to apply them. I’ve been using a set from Eco Tools that consists of five brushes made to achieve a fresh and flawless complexion.


The brushes come packaged in a cute little box, they would be perfect for a gift and even better for travel. As i mentioned you get five brushes in the set:


They’re a handy size to hold so perfect for beginners. The quality of the brushes are fantastic, they are so smooth and perfect to build up your base. The buffing concealer brush is my favourite, it’s perfect for areas around the nose etc to work in the product. There is just something about the texture that really works well to hide any imperfections, really buff the skin and leave a smooth surface.


Priced at £12.99 you can’t go wrong with this purchase. I grabbed mine from boots where you can buy single brushes from the range too which would be a great addition to this. The bamboo handles really give this product the long lasting credit it deserves. I just know I’m going to have these in my make up bag for quite some time. Now i just need to find myself a good quality brush cleaner… all suggestions invited!

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