The Fashion Edition: Matt and Nat Vegan Friendly Purse


You know that frustrating feeling of having to keep buying purses because they break, the zip gets stuck or it doesn’t take the weight of your coins, cards, receipts (girls keep a lot of receipts) and it splits and rips… I’m sure I’m not the only one that has experienced this and potentially repurchased a lot sooner than ideally needed to, right?  Well at the start of last year 2014 i invested in a purse from Matt and Nat and i am so impressed as there is not a sign of wear in sight.


Matt and Nat (material, nature) are a vegan brand that go by the tag line of ‘live beautifully’ this is stamped onto the front of the bags and purses. They are passionate about the environment we live in and no products contain any leather or animal based materials, thus reflecting in the quality (and price). Investment is the key word, if you are looking for a long lasting piece and support the vision that they have then the brand is right for you and worth the price tag.

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The Spring Collection 2015 is ready to launch and i have my eyes peeled and my trusty purse at the ready to grab my credit card out and make my second purchase from the website and you can also purchase through Asos.

How lovely of you to drop by!

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